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Stay Better Informed, Stay Healthy, Longer

The medical team at Family & Women’s Health, led by Dr. Gregorie Constant-Peter, is driven by the philosophy of promoting healthy living through a variety of channels—be it an article they read, or one they’ve written. As a board-certified family medicine physician, Dr. Constant-Peter is passionate about treating her patients’ body, mind and spirit by providing wellness education, along with individualized health screening recommendations throughout all stages of life from her practice in East Orlando, Florida.

Well-Women Exam with Dr. Pritchett

Dr. Pritchett talks about visiting your doctor for your annual well-women exam, to discuss about your overall health, and perform preventive breast and pelvic screening.

Meet Gregorie Constant-Peter, MD, FAAFP

Gregorie Constant-Peter, MD, FAAFP, provides skilled and comprehensive care for women in all phases of life, from toddlers to seniors. Her vision of managing health care for women is wholly encompassing with preventative care, chronic disease management, medicine, minor surgery and coordination of care.