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Breast Exam and Breast Health

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Breast exams are another critical part of a woman’s health care. During your annual visit to Family & Women’s Health at Avalon Park, Dr. Constant-Peter will perform a breast exam to check for any abnormalities and changes in your breast tissues. She will also show you how to perform a self exam so you can check for changes regularly in between annual medical exams.

A breast exam will help you become familiar with the normal consistency of your breasts and the underlying tissue, as well as inspecting your breasts for new changes that may signify potential breast problems, such as breast cancer. It is proven—that early detection of breast tumors or breast cancer leads to early and effective treatment.

Doing breast exams helps you learn the normal feel and appearance of your breasts. That makes it easier to notice subtle changes, should they occur. If you do notice any changes in your breasts, call Family & Women’s Health at Avalon Park so Dr. Constant-Peter can check it out right away.

If you’d like to check your breast health, schedule your well-woman exam at Family & Women’s Health at Avalon Park, call 407.306.0982 or visit our contact page.