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Family Planning

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Family Planning
Dr. Gregorie Constant-Peter at Family & Women’s Health in Avalon Park knows a thing or two about the importance of getting the best possible family planning information, such as types of birth control pills and permanent birth control, like IUDs and other inserted devices.

As part of routine gynecologic care, Dr. Constant-Peter will cover all the types of birth control methods on the market. She can prescribe birth control pills (oral contraceptive), as well as place IUD (intrauterine device) and Nexplanon, an etonogestrel implant that provides up to three year of continuous pregnancy protection. To learn more about Nexplanon, click here.

Our team has a special interest in women’s gynecologic medicine, including family planning. Family planning, also called birth control and contraceptive management is a vital part of a sexually active woman’s life. Properly, self-managed or physician-inserted birth control measures help you determine when you want to become pregnant; or if you wish to conceive at all. There are many methods available. It is important to talk to your doctor about your health and lifestyle choices that may factor into finding the best family planning or birth control method for you.

An informative online resource is Bedsider. Click here to explore all the wonderful information, news, views, blogs and tips about birth control and women’s health.

Birth Control Methods Available at Family & Women’s Health at Avalon Park

  • Birth Control Pills (oral contraceptives)
  • IUD (intrauterine devices)
  • Implants (implantable devices such as Nexplanon® etonogestrel implant)

Dr. Constant-Peter can help you determine what type of birth control pills are best for you, if that is the route you decide. Alternatively, she is skilled at the placement, as well as the removal of IUDs and implants, like Nexplanon.

To learn more about all the forms of birth control available at Family & Women’s Health at Avalon Park, call 407.306.0982 or visit our contact page.